Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kristin's Maternity Sneak Peak part 1

Okay so today we decided to take a FEW (lol) outdoor maternity shots of my friend Kristin, well who would have guessed the things we got into today, everyday is an adventure with Kristin and Melody LOL. I had to jump in the creek with all my clothes on to retreive a not a crocodile...a flip flop LOL . but hey it was hot so i'm not complaining. We still have a studio session to do with Kristin and her husband coming up and I"ll post some from that as well. I'm only posting 5 because one of Kristin's shower presents is I'm making her a dvd slideshow with music to play at her shower so I want it to be a surprise till then. (she's already trying to bribe me LOL) But i do have the full session up on my online proofing gallery, so if your interested just text or email me and i will give you the password but you have to PROMISE NOT TO GIVE HER THE PASSWORD LOL!


Anonymous said...

I am very pregnant haha I love these girl cant wait to see the rest

( anybody wanna give up that password Ill bake you some cookies ahahaha) jk:P

Anonymous said...

loove my pictures~! your the greatest friend a girl could have! love you!